Transit Lounge Else / Lift to the Stars
Salle de transit Else / L’ascenseur vers les étoiles
Transitraum Else / Aufzug zu den Sternen

  • For the freedom of arts.
  • Introducing Else Lasker-Schueler
    and the Center for Persecuted Arts internationally
  • Information and entertainment
  • Great artists participating

An artistic Project of the Else-Lasker-Schueler-Society
for the Center for Persecuted Arts where great artists all talk Else’s great poetry!
Patronized by Guenter Lamprecht.

Newest entry: Leonie Benesch, Actress, Germany

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The Artits
Die Künstler

The Dates
Les Dates
Die Termine

The Call ...
L’appel ...
Der Aufruf ...

The Constellations
 Les Constellations
 Die Sternbilder

The Poems ...
Les Poèmes ...
Die Gedichte ...

The entire concept
Das komplette Konzept

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Avec le soutien
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